Possible sightings of the Mascaret (tidal bore of the Garonne) on the bridge of Langoiran during periods of high tidal ranges.


Cycling: bicycle rental possible at the Créon tourism office – Créon (13 min)

UtagawaVTT: website detailing the most scenic mountain bike trails in France.

Cœur VTT: calendar of mountain bike races & organised circuits.

Rando VTT 33: mountain bike circuits in the Gironde.

Voie Verte Roger Lapébie: defunct railroad track converted into cycling path linking Bordeaux and Sauveterre-de-Guyenne (57 km)

Itinéraire du Canal des Deux Mers: 800km cycling path linking the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean via the Gironde, the Canal de Garonne and the famous Canal du Midi.


Water sports:

EXO 33: water ski, teleski, wakeboard and wakepark – Baurech (10 min)

Lac d’Espiet: swimming, fishing, aquapark, wakeboard, water ski – Espiet (20 min)

Wakelagoona: wakeboard, wakeskate, wakepark, water ski– Virelade (20 min)

Base de Loisirs de Blasimon: swimming, fishing et aquatic activities – Blasimon (35 min)



Canoe Passion : canoe and kayak rentals on the Eyre river, up to 50 km down-river trip – Salles (55 min)

Canoe Kayak de Bommes : canoe and kayak rentals at the Bommes water sports centre – Bommes (30 min)


Adventure courses:

Arbor et Sens: adventure course and ‘acrobranche’ (tree climbing) – Saint-Genes-de-Lombaud (10 min)

Au Fil du Ciron: tree climbing & adventure course – Bommes (32 min)


Riding schools:

Bordeaux Hippique Centre Equestre – Baurech (10min)

Les Ecuries De La Sauve – La Sauve (13min)

Ecuries Cavalers – Saint-Caprais (13min)

Ecuries du Moulin A Vent – Sadirac (15min)

Haras Du Sudre – Le Pout (18min)



Cinemamax Linder – Créon (13 min)

Le Cine Lux – Cadillac (15 min)


Motor sports:

Circuit Automobile de Faleyras – Faleyras (17 min)


Acorpspluriel Yoga (on appointment)